#Space – AR Design Tool

Augmented Reality - Design Tool

The app #Space is more than a gadget. With this design tool you can plan your own workshop, or you can see what the new lift would look like in your own workshop.

In a next step, there will be an export function, i.e. the plans you have designed can be imported into standard 2D design programs.


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#Space – AR Design Tool

#SPACE is the AR-App for the placement of products on a scale of 1:1. This enables the design of workshops and supports sales as well as the training of employees/partners.

How does it work? Simply scan the floor with your device - either tablet or smartphone - then select one of the 20 products currently available and place it on the scanned area. Now you can move it and find the right position for it.

Once in place, you can "go inside" the product and see many product details.

It remains exciting! - We will keep you up to date.

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