Vision & Mission


  • Premium products
  • Premium technology
  • Premium service

Customer benefits:

  • High quality
  • Money saving
  • Attractive return on investment
  • Worldwide dealer network

One strong brand for all markets!


Vision & Mission

Our vision:

”AUTOPSTENHOJ offers the best total experience for the premium market of workshop solutions”

Our mission:

”AUTOPSTENHOJ is a workshop solution supplier for the global automotive market standing for a range of innovative processes and top quality products. These are supplied through competent partners as a premium solution ensuring customers the best experience throughout the life time of the product”

AUTOPSTENHOJ treats the world as ONE MARKET, providing clear benefits to all of their customers
AUTOPSTENHOJ operates as ONE BRAND, thus making global communication easier
AUTOPSTENHOJ as ONE ORGANISATION makes it easier to tell ONE STORY with ONE TARGET in mind:

One strong brand for all markets!