Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv new product
NxT Generation

Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv

Electro-hydraulic twin-ram lift, 3.5 t with repair platforms

NxT Generation - Inground lifts

The highlights of the Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv

  • Stable and slim repair platforms
  • Ø 140 mm cylinder: strong, low-maintenance, durable
  • xy-function as standard
  • Control: modern, reliable, intuitive operation

Exactly the right choice for you!


Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)
Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv(1)

What's underneath should excite you just as much as what's on it.

Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv:

The Masterlift 2.35 NxT Pv repair platform is optimally suited for quick and easy vehicle lifting.
The premium version is constructed of very strong and rigid solid steel that offers a high degree of stability. They are zink coated and painted.  Looks great and works great! Alternatively we also offer an economical version made from a welded profile that is hot dip galvanized.
Various lengths of repair platforms, which come with xy-function in the premium version as standard, make the Masterlift 2.35 NxT the perfect helper in your workshop. Optionally, longitudinally adjustable supports can be supplied instead of the xy function.
The handy, non-slip and form-fitting rubber pads ensure that the vehicle is lifted with pinpoint accuracy.
The strong 140mm diameter cylinders are also designed for long-lasting functionality and further round off the high quality level, which ensures low maintenance requirements.
Even in the event of a power blackout, the lift can still be lowered without any problems thanks to the pneumatic emergency lowering system.
The Masterlift 2.35 NxT Saa is perfectly completed by a control system that is both visually and technically convincing.


Frame and sub-casing

Frame and sub-casing

The hot-dip galvanized frame for the clamping system of the new guide is bolted to the sub-casing, assembled at the factory. The clamping frame can also be used without the sub-casing for various installation variants like ceiling installation.

Aluminium guide

Aluminium guide

The guide is made of anodized aluminium and is therefore optimally protected against wear and corrosion, and is clamped into the frame. The head plate can be adjusted, if necessary, which facilitates installation in third-party cassettes.

NxT Inversed cylinder

NxT Inversed cylinder

The strong, hard-chrome-plated cylinders with a diameter of 140 mm are perfectly suited for increasingly heavy vehicles. With the self-bleeding drive cylinder, the oil volume is only 10 litres per lift.

Cassette cover

Cassette cover

The new cassette cover made of an anodised extruded aluminium profile and all-round rubber seal is not only resistant to moisture, but it also safely absorbs the enormous forces that act on the cover during battery removal, for example.

Synchronisation bar

Synchronisation bar

The optimised synchronisation- and safety is ensured by a KTL coated synchronisation bar which can be adapted to varying piston distances via connecting pieces; the new standard is 1550 or 2600 mm.

Self-supporting installation

Self-supporting installation

Stable and slim suspension for self-supporting installation when supporting on the ground of the cassette isn't possible. The suspension can be retrofitted at any time simply by screwing it to the guide tube; ideal for installation in old cassettes.

Programmable push button control unit - for all inground lifts

Programmable push button control unit - for all inground lifts

Programmable push-button control with pneumatic emergency lowering, lifting height and CE stop individually adjustable, error code via signal tone sequence.

Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor for inground lifts

Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor for inground lifts

High-quality hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor, low power consumption, efficient oil filtration and pneumatic emergency drain as standard.


Standard colours

  • Pv Premium: zink coated and painted - RAL 9006
  • Pv Standard: hot-dip galvanized, without painting


  • Standard: completely hot-dip galvanized


  • Standard: painted
  • Optional: hot-dip galvanized or plastic-coated



  • Synchronisation and safety via synchronisation bar
  • Self-supporting installation, without load on the bottom of the sub-casing

Installation variants:

  • On-floor installation
  • Recessed installation (only for Pv Premium)
  • Ceiling installation



  • Longitudinally adjustable supports
  • Rubber blocks in different heights
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Technical data

Lifting capacity, up to 3,500 kg
Stroke length 1,915 mm
Working height 1,980 mm + rubber pads
Cylinder diametre 2 x 140 mm
Distance between cylinders 1,550 mm
Lifting / lowering time ~ 30 sec.
Foundation depth 2,640 mm mm
Pump unit 3 kW
Hydraulic oil 10 l
Voltage 230/400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

Pv superstructure

Total length, min. - max. 140-200: ~ 1,400 - 2,000 mm
160-220: ~ 1,600 - 2,200 mm
170-240: ~ 1,700 - 2,400 mm
Drive-over height 65 mm