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Sophisticated technology down to the last detail, practical solutions and features that add value to your AUTOPSTENHOJ product to your advantage.

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Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor for inground lifts

  • Motor immersed in oil; i.e. protected against humidity / condensation in the cassette
  • Almost no tear and wear, as bearing is immersed in oil
  • Oil filter and manometer connection included
  • Double safety against too fast lowering, through one flow control valve in block of pump unit and a flow restrictor in front of each cylinder
  • As standard connected pneumatic emergency lowering in control unit
  • Two valves for high degree of safety

Inversed cylinder - for all inground lifts

  • Internal sealings and guiding belts, thus well protected against outside influences
  • Hard-chrome plated cylinder tube and gear piston (min. 30 µm chrome covering) for a maximum corrosion protection and easy gliding
  • 5 years of warranty on piston sealing
  • A very small quantity of oil is needed
  • Nearly no wear and tear compared to medium pressure hydraulic units
  • Long lifetime

Progammable push button control unit - for all inground lifts

  • Programmable push button control unit
  • Pneumatic emergency lowering for power-off lowering, as standard
  • Safe height control systeme: sensor with impulse transmitter
  • Max. lifting height and alarm signal (CE-stop) freely programmable, for Eurolift mechanical end stop
  • Only one single control board as spare part for different lift types, thus flexible use  possible for corresponding software per lift type
  • Error indication via alarm sequence in case of disfunction

Steel cassette

  • Steel cassettes have serial numbers and are delivered with waterproof certification
  • Frame of precious metal ensures clean floor completion
  • Pre-fitting of the hydraulic unit optional
  • Cassettes are also available as self-carrying for ceiling installation
  • Cassettes are furthermore available as galvanized and coated


Pv Superstructure

  • Very sturdy lifting supports
  • Premium = zinc coated and painted
  • Standard = welded zinc coated profiles
  • Available with different lengths
  • Supports lengthwise adjustable
  • Non-skid rubber blocks in different heights
  • Very low min. height
  • XY-pads available as optional extras. XY-pads are made of a special aluminium alloy, and have stainless steel plates - offers wider field of application


Platform structure ML Combi-Check in

  • Very low platform construction for surface-mounted installation in the Check-in area; no posts and easy drive-on of vehicles
  • Aluminium coated platforms for a nice design, and with integrated LED lighting set included
  • Sturdy, reliable automatic wheel stops
  • Low drive-on angle, perfect for sports cars

Platform structure for 4-ram lifts

  • Special manufacturing process to obtain the highest precision of functional surfaces
  • Functional surfaces zinc-coated as standard - full zinc-coating of platforms optional
  • Paint system approved by leading car manufacturers
  • Lateral fixing of width cover plates and sliding plates by a toothed list made of stainless steel
  • Recessed installation with or without flush-floor device
  • Platforms can be equipped with different wheel alignment equipment

Air supply for scissor jacks (patented)

  • No disturbing hose recoiler and in contrast very space saving with low construction height
  • No problems with a knotted spiral coiled hose anymore
  • This system is usable for all platform lengths
  • Extremely durable

High precision sliding plates for OEM wheel alignment lifts

  • High precision and smooth moving sliding plates meeting the requirements of the car manufacturers
  • Fixing of the base plate by a toothed list on side of the platform
  • Brush seal around the sliding plate for protection against humidity and dirt
  • Non-skid coated surface of the sliding plates as standard

Programmable push button control - Additional features for for 4-ram lifts

  • Electronic synchronization between the lifting units via programmable control unit
  • 3 different levels which can be saved and retrieved by the “lifting” button
  • Level control for wheel alignment: monitoring of ratchets if they are engaged and confirmation via alarm signal
  • Error indication via signal sequence plus displaying in the control box

Flexible, upgradable, wide product range

  • Roller brake testers for passenger cars up to trucks
  • Compact construction
  • Modular system
  • Roller brake tester for 3- 18 t capacity
  • AUTOPSTENHOJ test facilities fit into many already existing bays

Modern technology, meets OEM requirements

  • Modern, up-to-date and future-proof circuit board
  • Can be updated for future requirements
  • Comes up to the minimum requirements of many of the car manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, etc.
  • Can be upgraded with further options at any time

PC or analogue version

  • According to the requirements it is available either with analogue display, PC display or a combination of both
  • Roller brake testers for passenger cars can be upgraded to a testlane
  • Due to the modular system the roller brake tester can be upgraded with many options
  • The roller brake testers are prepared for retro-fitting of weighing devices, no changes in foundation needed

High functionality with patented solutions

  • Reversible rotation and measuring device for manual testing of 4x4 vehicles 
  • EDOS (Easy Drive Out System) for easy drive-out of the test device in both directions
  • Automatic four wheel recognition, no remote control needed
  • All roller brake testers are galvanized, thus offering high corrosion protection

Revolutionary headlight tester

  • Camera-based headlight tester
  • With integrated position sensor for recording of roll and tilt angle
  • Compensating up to 3° of uneveness of the parking surface
  • Manages up to 4 different work bays

Clearly designed menu

  • Digital, interactive 7“ touch screen with focus on the relevant
  • Can be updated for further options and future demands
  • Available either with rubber wheels or steel wheels for rail systems
  • Can be adjusted to existing rail systems by modified steel wheels

Testing of all current headlight systems

  • The Lightmaster can also check DLA or LED-Matrix systems
  • Extemely high precision measurements due to capturing of the vehicle parking space into the Lightmaster MC 17
  • High-quality Li-ion battery for cordless use at different working stations in the garage
  • Big flash-memory for future options

High quality components and accessories

  • Laser sight on the column for adjustment towards the vehicle
  • High-quality Fresnel lens for very simle positioning in front of the vehicle
  • Optional extras such as push handle or display cover for more user comfort
  • Prototype technical-release by TÜV North