#Expert – AR Remote Assistance

Augmented Reality - Remote Assistance Tool

With #Expert, we offer a way to remotely assist technicians with difficult installations.

Technical support sees what the technician sees on site, can instruct him and, for example, show him relevant material "before his eyes" through the glasses.

No waiting times, no mistakes in demanding applications, but a competent appearance at the customer's site.

For additional support you can now also build checklists and guides into the platform, enabling your technicians and engineers to complete the right job, the right way, the first time.

One strong brand for all markets!


#Expert – AR Remote Assistance

#EXPERT is all about service management about AR glasses. With these AR glasses, you can provide expert remote support and step-by-step technician support from a distance.

In daily business, technicians need help with problematic installations, repairs and service tasks. But instead of sending mails back and forth, making endless phone calls or - in the worst case - leaving the customer unattended, the technician can now be supported by remote assistance.

With this special AR-glasses, which AUTOPSTENHOJ offers, the technician has both hands free, the technical support - no matter where in the world - is connected in real time and can see what the technician sees through the camera in the glasses.

The #Expert Bundle from AUTOPSTENHOJ contains the special glasses and a smartphone. Both together runs on a license basis. AUTOPSTENHOJ has the exclusivity for these special glasses in Europe.

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