STENHØJ Group is expanding in Australia

The STENHØJ GROUP is lifting the level

Expanding in Australia

By setting up the company STENHOJ Pty Ltd. in Sydney, the STENHØJ GROUP is expanding the business to include Australia. The aim is to operate in the Australian market as well as a large part of the markets in the Oceania out of the offices and warehouses in Sydney and Adelaide. Initially it will be the STENHØJ GROUP member AUTOPSTENHOJ who will benefit from the new opportunities in Australia. The Asia Pacific region has great potential with a population of more than 600 mill. people.

The plans for Australia is a part of the ongoing globalization strategy to increase the activities in those regions.

“In order to support the automotive industry and the premium brands we need to be closer to our customers to provide the best service possible” says CEO of the STENHOJ GROUP Søren Madsen.

AUTOPSTENHOJ recently hosted the AUTOPSTENHOJ Asia Conference 2017 in Bangkok. The conference created the opportunity to form ties to several potential partners.

Molnar Hoists Becomes Part of THE STENHØJ GROUP

The STENHØJ GROUP is also proud to announce the acquisition of Molnar Hoists in Australia.
With over 40 years in the industry, Molnar Hoists have become an icon within the Australian automotive industry. Out of the factory in Adelaide, Molnar Hoist produces auto lifts primarily for the Australian market but also exports to other countries.

Through the ownership of the Molnar brand, The STENHØJ GROUP will be heavily represented in Australia being a market share leader.

The STENHØJ Group will continue to grow the Molnar brand in Australia. The product range will consist of products from the STENHØJ GROUP, produced in Europe as well as in China.

As a part of the STENHØJ GROUP Molnar will be able to benefit from the access to a greater range of innovative and market leading products within inground- and above ground hoists and braketesting equipments. “We expect a steady growth over the next couple of years” says Risto Koskivuori of Stenhoj Pty Ltd.

The Australian market has great potential for Molnar. “In time we might take a look at the export markets, but for now we focus on Australia” says CEO of the STENHOJ GROUP Søren Madsen.

The STENHØJ GROUP values competent and skilful employees and therefore most of the employees within sales and service from Molnar continue their employment. 

In order to assure the necessary focus on the Australian activities within the group, former International Area Sales Manager Risto Koskivuori has moved to Sidney, Australia.  

 “With this strategic and well considered decision, we are confident in the future, and has taken one more step in the globalization and growth of the STENHØJ Group”, says CEO if the STENHOJ GROUP Søren Madsen.