New single-ram Sololift generation!

The new single-ram Sololift generation – for improved safety and flexibility in the workshop

The new Sololift versions (Pv, Saa and Fv Uni) offer the following advantages:

  1. With a cylinder diameter of 213 mm we achieve a clearly higher stability.
  2. Available with self-carrying cassette, installation with pump in floor or on wall and also for ceiling installation.
  3. The Sololift 1.35 Fv Uni has been upgraded to 3.5 t capacity.
  4. The Sololift has been fully constructed by our own team, and is equipped with double telescopic arms with internal arm locking system, and can lift all vehicles up to T6 long, and has a min. height of only 95 mm.
  5. Improved anti-rotation device.
  6. All versions are delivered with our modern DT_SPS control units, and are as standard with alarm signal.
  7. A lifting height of 1.910 mm + superstructure allows for correct ergonomically working heights.