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Headlight tester Lightmaster MC 17

Precise adjustment of your headlights

AUTOPSTENHOJ presents a high precision and flexible headlight tester – the Lightmaster MC17.

We have all experienced this situation – you are driving at night, you assume that an oncoming vehicle has forgotten to dim his headlights and you are blinded. As it happens, in most such cases the driver is without fault, it is a question of headlights that have not been adjusted correctly.

For many years headlight adjustment has been part of regular service checks (MOT). With new technology and improved lights such as LED and Xenon the lights on any kind of vehicle are much better than before. Therefore blinding due to misadjusted headlights has become a bigger problem.

Already in May 2014 the German guidelines concerning headlight adjustment were issued; meaning that besides an exact work place there must also be a precise headlight tester.

The AUTOPSTENHOJ Lightmaster MC17 complies with all the new requirements to testers and is suitable for all new light systems. Basically one must have a calibrated „work bay“ in order to test headlights within the regulations for general vehicle overhaul. Moreover, the Lightmaster MC17 can even be used in non-calibrated areas, as it can compensate for up to 3° floor unevenness. The floor conditions will be read into the tester during installation. During measuring the work bay zone of the rear axle is chosed and corrected. The mechanic can read up to 4 zones with each 10 different rear axle zone into the tester; for instance with working with a platform lift or normal floor condition. All this is possible with our flexible Lightmaster MC17.

The mechanic can work with the CMOS camera technique, not only on passenger cars, but also vans and trucks. The tester is operated via a 7-inch touch screen display and self-explanatory software.

All entries are easily made and will show up graphically. Thanks to the big Fresnell lens the mechanic can position the tester quickly and easily and adjust the laser viewer.

The power supply for the Lightmaster MC17 are the Li-ion-Akkus, I.e. wireless operation is possible.  The Akkus can be charged during the night or when tester is not in use. The software can be updated at any time using a USB, making the Lightmaster MC17 the solution for the future – also in cases of major changes and new light systems.

The Lightmaster MC17 is available with either rubber wheels or a rail system.

The Lightmaster MC17 was approved by TÜV Nord, Germany on October 9th 2017.