Masterlift 2.35 Combi

Electro-hydraulic 2xtwin-ram lift, 3.5 t, with platforms and free-wheel lift with flat lifting supports

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Pv Superstructure

Pv Superstructure

Particularly stable repair platforms made of welded profile, alternatively made of solid material, available in various lengths with longitudinally adjustable supports and optionally with xy-slider.

Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor for inground lifts

Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor for inground lifts

High-quality hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor, low power consumption, efficient oil filtration and pneumatic emergency drain as standard.

Inversed cylinder - for all inground lifts

Inversed cylinder - for all inground lifts

Hard-chrome plated inversed cylinder with precisely fitting piston guidance via sliding bands, small amount of environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid, almost maintenance-free.

Strong guide bearing

Strong guide bearing

Strong, corrosion-free aluminium bearings for a permanently attractive appearance, in optimum overall height for maximum stability.

Optimal connection

Optimal connection

Smooth and perfectly synchronised lifting and lowering via devided, flexibly mounted synchronised bearing, completely maintenance- and wear-free.

Steel cassette

Steel cassette

Liquid-tight steel cassette with tightness certificate in many versions for special installation situations; pre-fitting of the lifting unit ex works as optional extra.

Programmable push button control unit - for all inground lifts

Programmable push button control unit - for all inground lifts

Programmable push-button control with pneumatic emergency lowering, lifting height and CE stop individually adjustable, error code via signal tone sequence.


Steel cassette:

  • Waterproof steel cassette

Hydraulic unit:

  • Hard-chrome plated cylinder
  • Flexible synchronization and safety system
  • Corrosion-free guiding elements
  • Hydraulic pump unit with immersed motor
  • Ecological hydraulic fluid
  • Pneumatic emergency lowering
  • Programmable pushbutton control unit


  • A set of platforms with drive-on ramps and stops

Free-wheel lift Pv:

  • Stable lifting supports, lengthwise adjustable
  • Low minimum height
  • Rubber-coated, non-skid pads

Free-wheel lift Saav:

  • Double-telescopic arms, sideways adjustable
  • Internal arm locking system
  • Low minimum height

Standard colours:

  • Platforms: RAL 7016
  • Ramps: RAL 3020
  • Saav: Base plate RAL 7016, arms and slider RAL 3020
  • Pv Premium: zink coated and painted RAL 9006


Steel cassette:

  • Hot galvanized
  • Coated

Superstructure Pv:

  • Lifting supports in different lengths (120-180, 140-200, 160-220 & 170-240)
  • Also available as in-ground (140-200 oder 160-220)


  • Superstructure on floor
  • Superstructure in floor with or without flush floor device
  • Ceiling installation


  • XY-pads
  • Sets of rubber blocks, 40, 60, 80 and 100 mm
  • Large program of extra pads
  • Special colours available on request
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Volkswagen Group

Technical data

Lifting capacity, up to 3,500 kg
Stroke length 1,905 mm
Working height P: 2,055 mm
Saav: 2,135 mm
Pv: 2,120 mm + Rubber pads
Cylinder diametre 4 x 123 mm
Distance between cylinders 1,335 / 1,705 mm
Lifting / lowering time ~ 35 sec.
Foundation depth 2,875 mm
Pump unit 3.0 kW
Hydraulic oil 17 l
Voltage 230/400 V / 50 Hz / 16 A

Arm superstructure

Total width 3,210 mm
Insertion height for lifting pad in the arm 45 mm
Lifting pad included in the delivery Uni: 11027 (35 - 75 mm)
Sport: 29265 (25 - 50 mm)
Min. height Uni: 11027 (95-135 mm)
Sport: 29265 (70-95 mm)
Drive-over height (mm) 65
Arm length, min. - max. 710 - 1,443 mm

Pv superstructure

Total length 120-180: ~ 1,200 - 1,800 mm
140-200: ~ 1,400 - 2,000 mm
160-220: ~ 1,600 - 2,200 mm
170-240: ~ 1,700 - 2,400 mm
Drive-over height (mm) 65


Total length ~ 5,300 mm
Platform width - Measurements depend on platform length 605 mm
Usable length of platform 4,200 mm
Wheel base, min. - max. ~ 3,700 mm
Distance between platforms 910 mm
Drive-on height 150 mm