Emissionmaster SST100 for SGA400

Option for SGA400

Emissionmaster SST100 for SGA400


  • Smoke analyzer for diesel vehicles
  • Light absorption partial flow opaciemeter
  • Upgrade kit for Emissionmaster SGA400
  • Vehicle test time is less than 3 minutes
  • Two test program includuded
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Linearity test
  • Diesel smoke opacity is measured in smoke density % (also known as Hartridge HSU units) as well as in absorption coefficient k (m- 1).
  • The readings of the k and % opacity values are displayed simultaneously.
Warm up time 3 min
Detector / light source Silizium photodiode / green LED 565nm
Absorption coeeficient (range / resolution) 0-16.06 m-1 / 0,01 m-1
Optical path length 215mm corrected to 430mm according to ISO 11614
Measurement range turbidity (range / resolution) 0-99,9% / 0,1%


  • Upgrade set
  • 1,4 m silicone hose with stainless steel probe