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autop Maschinenbau GmbH
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Testmaster RT 187-2

Roller brake tester for check-in, repair and maintenance, testing equipment, general inspection

Testmaster RT 187-2


  • 2 hot-dip galvanized roller sets (split version) for suspended installation (mounting frame required for option weighing cells or for retrofit weighing cells)
  • Drive motors with planetary gear units, enormous braking power with low rated power of the drive motors
  • Low wear rollers , 268 mm with welded profile surface
  • roller length 1150 mm, standard drive on height 40 mm over the drive off side
  • Wear-free , electronic measuring system DMS with ampfiler
  • Tracer rollers 80 mm , standard stainless steel
  • Prepared for weighing device
  • Modular system , all roller sets can be extended with options
  • Compact electric / switchbox, prepared for upgrade
  • Drive-over axle load 18 to
  • Brake force 34 kN
  • Already equipped with a drive-off assistance
  • Manual / Automatic mode
  • Delayed switch on, start-up monitoring , slip switch-off and switch-off after exiting the test bed
  • Testing program for electronic parking brakes
  • Lockable main switch


Drive over load 18,000 kg
Brake force 34 kN
Testing speed 2.6 km/h
Drive power of motors 2 x 9.0 kW
Roller diameter 268 mm
Track width 1,150 mm
Test load at 50% braking 14,0 to
Fuse min. 3 x 32 A inert
Power supply 3 x 400 V, N, PE 50 Hz
Dimensions display (W x H x D) 810 x 670 x 70 mm
Dimensions roller set (W x L x H) 1,390 x 1,145 x 554 mm


  • Hot-dip galvanised roller sets for hanging installation
  • Roller set mit 268 mm rollers with welded surface, drive motors with 9 kW
  • Electrical / switch box with motor protection , control electronics , lockable main switch , 12m Precabling


  • Analogue brake force indicator with 2x 400 mm clocks
  • Digital display LED-D3
  • PC Software Display Basic, Display Testlane & Display Office
  • Graphic program and special programs for trucks
  • PC connection / ASA Livestream / Minirechner for ASA Livestream (for Germany)
  • Mounting frame for option weighing device (also required when retrofitting the weighing device)
  • Plastic coated rollers
  • Excavator for roller set
  • Pull-down device
  • Reinforced drive motors
  • Reinforced roller set
  • Second test speed
  • Track plate, up to 15 t axle load
  • Reverse roller and measuring direction mode
  • Automatic all wheel detection (patented)
  • Regulated all-wheel drive
  • EDOS (Easy drive out system - patented)
  • Coverplate for roller
  • Remote control
  • Pedal force meter
  • Weighing device
  • Pressure sensors with options
  • Pit protection (Germany)