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Testmaster APT4Pit

Axle play tester for repair and maintenance, testing equipment, general inspection

Testmaster APT4Pit


Hydraulic play detector for pit installation.
Delivered with teflon slide bearings and remote control with cable.
The powerful hydraulic test plates operate both cross- and lengthwise.
Loose or otherwise defective axle and steering components will be identified immediately due to the exact and controlled movement of the plates.
Both versions are delivered with galvanized test plates with a width and a length of 750 mm, offering enough distance surface also for wide dual wheels.
The test plates move on maintenance-free, wear resisting teflon bearings.
The control box which is equipped with main switch is fitted on the hydraulic unit.

Axle load 4,000 kg
Plate movement 100 mm (+/- 50 mm) cross and lengthwise
Pump motor raiting 2.2 kW
Thrust per plate 23 kN
Thrust speed ca. 5 cm / sec.
Hydraulic pressure 145 bar
Hydraulic oil / amount HLP 46 / 15 l
Fuse 16 A inert
Power supply 3 x 400 V, N, PE 50 Hz
Dimension test plate 750 x 750 x 8 mm
Dimensions frame (L x W x H) mm 600 x 600 x 160 mm


  • Two units with hydraulic cylinders for cross and lengthwise movement
  • Galvanized test plates on maintenance-free teflon bearings
  • Powerful hydraulic unit with control box, main switch and control elements
  • Remote control with 12 m cable and toggle switches


  • Cable hand lamp with toggle switches
  • Radio remote control with hand lamp
  • Automatic plate movement
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Cover for hydraulic unit
  • Metal hose cover
  • Drive-on and -off ramps for surface-mounted installation
  • Foundation frame
  • Hose covers