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Maestro 35 H

DP = Discontinued product - only spare parts available

EOL Maestro 35 H


Please to watch the video.


  • Asymmetric post installation, vehicles can be positioned in rear area of work bay, for better door-opening angle
  • Very stable bent posts
  • Without base frame, therefore free drive-in situation
  • One power pack with low power consumption
  • One self-bleeding cylinder per post with hose brake valve
  • Long carriage with optimized mounting of 8 sliding blocks for low friction
  • Carriage with threaded holes for easy adoption of diverse superstructures
  • Door-stop mounted on carriage
  • Electrically operated safety ratchet system, no expensive compressed air required
  • Pushbutton control unit with parking button and alarm signal
  • Mode of operation for "down" button can be chosen while installation - 1. straight down, or 2. first up, then down, in order to get out of the safety ratchet
  • Adjustable limit switch for top stop and CE-stop, as well as upper protection switch rail
  • Mechanic synchronization through steel cables
  • Post is height adjustable during installation


  • Universal lifting area from small passenger car up to VW T6 long wheel base with lifting pad type "F"
  • Possibility of parallel parking of arms for easier and faster positioning of vehicles
  • Arms can be opened more than 180° for better drive-in situation for lifts installed in 90° angle to the drive lane
  • Low minimum height

Standard colours:
Carriage and arms: RAL 3020 – red
Posts: RAL 7016 – grey


Volkswagen Group
Lifting capacity, up to 3,500 kg
Stroke length 1,900 mm
Working height 1,988 - 2,028 mm
Lifting / lowering time ~ 30 sec.
Voltage 3x230/400V-50/60 Hz -16 A
Motor 3.6 kW
Lifting pad included in the delivery F:11027: 88-128 mm
CF: 105-215 mm
CF-08: 660501 + 777395: 95-250 mm
Total height post 3.995 mm + 225 mm
Drive-through width 2,455 mm
Min. height F:Premium: 88 mm, 78 mm with extra lifting pad 29265
Width between posts 2,815 mm
Total width - outer edges base plates 3,500 mm mm
Arm length front, min. - max. F DT: 640-1,175 mm
F Premium DT: 555-1,100 mm
Arm length rear, min. - max. F DT: 875 - 1,585 mm
F Premium 925 - 1,550 mm
Insertion height in swivel arm F Std: 65 mm
F Premium: 53 mm


  • Available with different voltages
  • Premium arm set with special flat profile for sports cars
  • F = flex pad
  • CF-08 = combiflex-08 pad
  • DT/- = double telescopic short arms / single telescopic long arms
  • DT/DT = double telescopic short arms / double telescopic long arms


  • Set of expansion bolts
  • LED-lighting set, mobile with spiral cable, fastening through magnets on posts or vehicle
  • Energy set with compressed air and socket-outlet
  • Extra control unit for second post
  • Large program of extra pads, depending on type of vehicle
  • Special colours available on request!