autop and STENHØJ raise the bar and set new standards in their market place

autop is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic inground vehicle lifts and Stenhøj is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of surface-mounted lifts, air compressors and hydraulic presses.

More than 480,000 workshop equipment products worldwide have been in use for decades, proving the two brands product quality, longevity and reliability.

One strong brand for all markets!



The best of two worlds.

AUTOPSTENHOJ synonymous with quality, experience and innovation!

Two brands ultimately handled by one organization – with complementary products and same target groups – that calls for new structures.

Why should we not use our potential better? Why should we not take the next step? We want to tell you a fantastic story, and a successful story is easier to be told when it’s backed up by strong brand names. The story that we want to tell you is:

One strong brand for all markets!

… with a wide range of products and innovative solutions we are using synergies from both sides to create a dynamic modern organization!

We are not saying goodbye to autop or Stenhøj, instead we are welcoming AUTOPSTENHOJ!

Quality…ensured and confirmed by national and international standards.
Innovation…in conjunction with the leading vehicle manufacturers from around the globe.
Experience …gained from more than 65 years at autop and 100 years at STENHØJ.