Offical opening of the AUTOPSTENHOJ Academy

Official opening of the AUTOPSTENHOJ Academy was a complete success
The AUTOPSTENHOJ Academy impressed with its unique ambience

The new AUTOPSTENHOJ Academy in Rheine was officially inaugurated on Thursday, 28 March 2019. The approximately 170 guests included international business partners from more than 20 countries, representatives of the automobile manufacturers, employees of the AUTOPSTENHOJ sister companies, representatives of trade fair companies, representatives of local politics, representatives of the German trade press and the STENHØJ Holding management.

We were able to convey an authentic picture of our new Academy on site to the guests and look forward to the fact that the starting signal for the training sessions has been given. The common interest in premium automotive workshop equipment brought all participants together on this evening and turned the event into a big celebration.

The Academy was the focus of the official opening ceremony. Already in the first minutes it became clear: The guests experience quality at the highest level here. The noble ambience, the exclusive flying dinner, the stylish gin bar, the pleasant live band, but also the unique view of the lifts were immediately convincing. Extraordinary attention was given to the 4-ram lift, which was set in scene with a Cadillac cabrio. An impressive firework completed the ceremonial evening. All in all, every guest enjoyed the inviting and sophisticated ambience of this Academy at the location Rheine.

The AUTOPSTENHOJ Academy offers an excellent training environment that sets new accents both functional and visual in the Rheine-North industrial estate. The numerous guests were able to convince themselves of this on the day of the opening. After Søren Madsen, Chief Executive Officer of the STENHØJ Group, had officially opened the Academy together with Johannes Kjellgren, Chief Executive Officer of the AUTOPSTENHOJ GmbH, the invited guests celebrated this special occasion.