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New software-update for Lightmaster MC17

Always Up-to-Date and on the safe side!

With our headlight tester Lightmaster MC17 we and our customers are on the safe side in terms of being compliant with measurement technology and guidelines.


Since 2017 we have our headlight tester type: Lightmaster MC17 in the product range amd we are constantly advancing the development of it.

New software-update available in early May!

With the new software update you get the following improvements and extension:

  • The preselected measuring distance is displayed in the test screen
    (Display of the preset position)
  • Tolerance limits are displayed in the test screen
  • Copy USB: Save the image of the selected and tested headlight and / or print it to a commercially available printer
  • Types of lights with clocked light testable (latest generation of LEDs)
  • Backup of the measured values ​​of the measuring stations to USB possible
  • New language selection

Overview of the most important advantages:

  • German TÜV certificate: TPN100137270 from 09.10.2017 and additional supplement 1 of the self-leveling of 17.04.2018 certifies the functional self-leveling
  • The SEP can test all lighting systems on the market
    (Filament, xenon, led, led matrix beam, multi-beam led)
  • Investment protection! Future-proof for upcoming headlight systems through regular software updates
  • The Lightmaster MC17 with the patented measuring station compensation can be used on uneven workshop floors
  • Our SEP compensates the tolerance deviations of the vehicle footprint (electronic) permanently.
  • Automatic, electronic and software-supported alignment of the light box to the vehicle installation location: For the headlight test, the position of the optics box of the Lightmaster MC17 is electronically compensated and secured against misalignment.
    Thus, at the stored measuring points to an exact 90 ° angle to Zero level improved, so that vehicle parking surfaces can be up to a slope of max. 1.5% are used.
  • The device can be used on 4 different headlight test stations.

Short and sweet again…

  • You are looking for investment security?
  • Precise measurement results?
  • Guideline and legally compliant testing of vehicle headlights of your customers?
  • No repeat measurements?

Very easy…

Our Lightmaster MC17 can do it all! – Contact us.