Lifting electric cars safely? - Part 2

With lifts from AUTOPSTENHOJ

The topics of e-mobility, e-cars, hydrogen propulsion and hybrid vehicles are issues that are driving the automotive industry and, of course, all related industries.

So how are car repair shops and car dealerships upgrading their workshops to cope with this structural change and be prepared for the future?

Do they need special lifting platforms to lift electric cars professionally, custom-made products at special prices and with extra long delivery times? No!

AUTOPSTENHOJ GmbH, the lifting equipment specialist from the Westphalian town of Rheine, offers solutions from the standard lifts’ range to lift electric cars safely and at the same time enable the battery to be removed.

The top-seller among the surface-mounted lifts, quasi the all-rounder for repair and maintenance - the AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.35 - is also the solution for lifting electric cars.

The AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.35 is a mechanical 2-post lift for highest quality demands. A welded column construction, a carriage on roller bearings and cold-rolled spindles with a nut set made of high-density synthetic material guarantee an extremely long service life. Thanks to the large choice of lifting accessories, even the most modern e-cars cause no problem for professional and expert lifting. With the different lifting arms F, CF and CF-08 no wishes remain unfulfilled.

The Maestro 2.35 is available with standard swivel arms and with extra flat swivel arms in the Sport version. This means that the workstation can be used in many different ways, for "normal" cars and vans, for sports cars and of course also for e-cars.