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Marketing Manager
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AUTOPSTENHOJ consistently pursues the way of digitization

Three projects with real added value for sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

On automechanika 2018 AUTOPSTENHOJ presented its digitization project #Uplifting Experiences for the first time. It was a pilot project for virtual reality (VR) #Experience and augmented reality (AR) #Space. Both projects enjoyed great interest, which led to consistent further development.

On Autopromotec 2019 in Bologna AUTOPSTENHOJ will present an update of the both a.m. projects and also present a new, third project called #Expert.

What are these digitization projects about?

#EXPERIENCE is the VR platform especially for sales and marketing but can also be used for the early step of a re-design as you can draw on top of any model with at least 99 % accuracy on measurements.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 to build a VR model. You have to prepare the surrounding, taking care that everything is clean and on the right place, you have to consider what you want to show on which position and the room should be static. The recording itself takes – depending on the size of the workshop – 2-3 hours.

We can easily make one model with product information about lifts and other equipment but we can also use the same model to create a customer version with info points about things that are important for him and his end customer. In addition the workshop profits from the increase in Google Maps traffic as the system automatically generates a lot of pictures (also 360°) that can be uploaded there.

This project is completed and no longer on pilot level. It is ready for the market and we already made several amazing recordings.


#SPACE is the AR app for placing products in a 1:1 scale. This enables Design of workshops and supports Sales as well as training of staff/partners. For the May release at Autopromotec we will show 20 products in a proper AUTOPSTENHOJ look & feel. The user can expect a comfortable app with high grade of usability and easy to handle.

How does it work? You simply scan the floor with your device – either tablet or smartphone – and then you choose one of the 20 products available and place them on the scanned area. Now you can move it around and find the right position for it.

Once it is on place you can “go into” the product and see a lot of product details.

This project is no longer on pilot level but not yet completed. During Autopromotec we start the second level of implementation.


#EXPERT is all about Service Management via AR glasses. With these AR glasses we can deliver expert remote assistance and build in any step by step process to help our technicians/engineers on the site.

It is daily business that technicians/engineers need assistance for problematic installations, repairs and service tasks. But instead of sending mails back and forth or having endless phone calls – or in worste case – the technician has to leave the customer without having solved the problem, he can now be supported by remote assistance.

So how to provide our technicians and engineers with hands-free expert remote assistance?

With these special AR glasses AUTOPSTENHOJ offers, the technician has both hands free, the technical support – no matter where on the world – is connected in real time and can see what the technician sees by objective truth via the camera in the glasses.

The technical support can now guide the technician by telling him what to do and where, he can write messages, even share diagrams, manuals or pictures and the technician can immediately work with the material, supported by the remote assistant.

The #Expert bundle from AUTOPSTENHOJ contains the special glasses and a smartphone. Both running on license fee basis. AUTOPSTENHOJ has exclusivity for these special glasses in Europe.

#Expert is a pilot project and we are really curious to see how much interest it causes.

We are already convinced of the added value of this tool and the market will certainly see it that way, too.

For further information come to meet us at Autopromotec in Bologna – Hall 14 – Stand C42. We present our #Uplifting Experiences on the stand of our partner in Italy, DTS srl.