Data protection

As a basic principle of our company it is our highest priority to protect your privacy. Therefore the respect of the legal standards for the data protection is for us a matter of course.

Exaltation and processing of data
All access of our homepage and all downloads of data from our homepage are registered. The storage of data is only relevant for system-related and statistic means, the single user stays anonymous.
Other person related data are only registered if you give the data voluntary, e.g. a request for information or a registration. 

Use and transfer of personal data
If you give us your personal data, it is only used for the answering of your requests, for the treatment of agreed contracts and for the technical administration. Personal data is recorded by our contact and enquiry forms on our website. Your personal data are only transmitted to a third party, if this is in interest or necessary for the treatment of a contract - especially the transfer of order data to a supplier - or if this is necessary for the accounting or if we have your approval. You have the right to cancel your approval with effect for the future at any time. 

autop Maschinenbau GmbH shall not be held liable for, nor guarantee that the information contained within this website is current, correct, or complete. The same applies to all direct or indirect links contained within the site. autop Maschinenbau GmbH shall not be held responsible for the content of pages reached by way of such links, nor shall the company be held accountable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of information contained herein.

All data and pictures about our products are not binding and are only giving an approximate description. Moreover we reserve the right of differences between the goods delivered and the data and pictures given here (i.e. technical data, equipment, material and optical appearance) so far as the differences are reasonable for the customer and a possible reduction in value or utility value of the goods delivered is not considerable.

The content of this website is copyright-protected. Contents may not be duplicated, stored, and/or published, neither in part nor wholly, without written permission of the copyright holder.

Any information or data found within the website of autop Maschinenbau GmbH, as well as their use are subject to German Law under exclusion of International Law. Rheine shall be the exclusive venue and court of jurisdiction. 

The effacement of the memorized personal data is done if you cancel your approval, if the reason of the registration is no longer given ore or if for any other legal reasons the registration is not permissible.

Access right
On written request we will inform you about the registered data concerning your person. 

If you are asked to enter data of yourselves if you activate pages and data of our homepage, we attract your attention to the fact that this transfer through the internet is not safe and that the data could be known or falsified by unauthorized persons.
This declaration of data protection is not valid for the contents of other websites which you can join through links. For this we don't take any responsibility. 

Google Analytics  
We are collecting and saving data from our website via Google Analytics for marketing and optimization purposes.
 This data will only be used from AUTOPSTENHOJ and not forwarded to anybody else. User profiles can be generated out of this data under a pseudonym by using cookies. Cookies are small text files which are locally saved in the cache of the internet browser of the website visitor.
Cookies are making a recognition of the internet browser possible and serve the purpose of saving data for data acquisition. Data collected with Google Analytics are not used for identifying the visitor of the website or related to the personal data of the pseudonym without explicit agreement of the person concerned. Google Analytics records demographic data like age, gender and fields of interest.
Here you can decide if your browser is explicitly allowed to save web analytic cookies so that the owner of the website can collect and analyze different statistic data. If you do not agree, click on the following link in order to load down the Plugin.